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Google Shopping cheat sheet

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Google Shopping has long FORECAST be the next big thing from search giant, even though it actually already been in Australia for several years. In this post, we sort out what shopping really means, and what you as an advertiser have to do to appear there.

Google Shopping and Product Ads

Google Shopping First, we want to clarify. Advertisements, which is part of Shopping concept, has been here for years. But any comparison page, which is synonymous with the tab Shopping in major markets like the US and France, have not yet reached our latitudes. Despite this, Google writes “Results from Google” as the title product ads – no wonder that there is some confusion.

When the new design of the search results was launched a few weeks ago, got the product ads a much more prominent position. Previously, up to six PLAs fighting for space in the right margin, with about as many text ads. Now the text ads are completely relegated to the search results top and bottom, and product ads are now eight – and all alone – in the right margin.

shopping ads

A golden opportunity

With the new design, it is thus the mood for more people to click on product ads. Yet it is, as you might have noticed, quite often as every eight ad spaces are not filled out. And even more often, as a single advertiser, taking up three or four of the eight sites.

It is a golden opportunity to start with product ads today, in other words!

If the above information is not reason enough to try, we can also tell you to click prices – in nine cases out of ten – are considerably lower than the usual AdWords ads.
And, as if that was not already enough, the conversion additionally better. You can also be sure that only products that are in stock can be seen in the ads.
If you do not already suck on Google Shopping when you started reading this, you are probably there now. So, what’s required to get started?

Google shopping startup

5 steps to start using Google Shopping

Getting the product ads is often said to be a long and difficult process, but the fact is that it does not require so much. Below is a brief guide to getting the product ads will start rolling.

  1. First of all, you should talk to the person or persons responsible for your e-commerce platform and ask them if a file with all of your products, a so-called product feed . Perhaps you already have a feed? Then it should not be difficult to get a new one, with columns related to what is required for Google Shopping. Also, ensure that the buy side is encrypted. If not, it would be recommended to add encryption as soon as possible – not just to get started with Google Shopping, but also as an important guarantee of security for your customers.
  2. After you create an account in Google Merchant Center . No problems there, just go to and fill in your information. Here you also establish a connection to your AdWords account, and from there to handle product ads. If you believe that your products can be classified as illegal by Google, you should check here the policies that apply here.
  3. Then you must verify that it is you who owns the site that made the registration in the Merchant Center. You get stuck a lot, but you have only access to Google Webmaster Tools and / or a good relationship with your webmaster, then verification goes smoothly. In short, this is to put a small piece of code on your website, Google then recognises as a confirmation that you really are the website owners.
  4. Once that’s done you can start to upload your product feed. We always recommend to first do a test upload, as it simply helps you identify whether any column header needs to be changed, or if no values are missing or incorrectly specified. When everything seems to be set correctly, simply upload your feed properly. The first time it is reviewed all the information manually by Google, and it may take some days before all the products loaded. When the majority of the products are approved, you can go to AdWords and begin administering ads.
  5. In AdWords, you create a new campaign, Shopping, and enter your ID for the Merchant Center account. Then you either create an ad group that includes all products, or more ad groups that contain selected brands, product types or categories. As the competition is not as great in Australia, we usually recommend to include all products, at least initially.
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