How you decorate your home sustainably – 7 Tips!

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A couple of weeks ago I ended up in a so very interesting conversation at the home of the founders of the sustainable furnishings Agency HAI (earnings fall soon in a newspaper near you). We talked of course about how to decorate sustainably, and that there are more aspects than material. It inspired me to this little list as a reminder that there are many ways to think about the environment, and that not everyone requires a big wallet.

Reuse what you have

Perhaps the most classic downfall of all Рto tear out and renovate it off you have in favor of something new. It plays almost no matter how environmentally friendly your new kitchen is if you tore out a fully functional kitchen to put it in. (With a few exceptions Рit is right to replace old appliances with newer, more energy efficient, for example.) But of course, not everyone is happy with the kitchen they have.  They had torn it out, painted it and put it back in again Рthough in a different way. The top cabinet had been rebuilt and become the cabinets to create more workspace and instead of overhead cabinets had now open storage. So neat, still a period feel and not least climate!

Buy term things

Sometimes something virgin, the only thing that will do, but then can still imagine the extra lap and think about how long-lasting the buying may have. Have couch removable and washable cover? Is there new outfit to buy? The table is massive so it can be re-sharpened? The easier something is to rescue, clean and spruce up, the greater the chance that it is a long-term purchase instead of a wear-and-toss.


Buy secondhand

If you still need to buy things, secondhand peek before you go on newly alternatives. It also provides loopholes from the point above – if you buy secondhand table it’s ok that it is veneered and can not grind on, you’ve still done a climate smart choice! (And it has already been held until now, it is probably of good quality in addition.)

Buy recycled

This is a bit tricky indeed. Obviously, it is good to PET bottles and another trash is recycled and turned into other useful products instead of ending up in the oceans. At the same time presupposes products made of recycled garbage that there is indeed a mountain of rubbish to collect raw material from. The most climate-smarter not turning landfill to new things, without abolishing landfill. But it’s not the easiest, and for now, it is Simply the garbage that is taken to be so clear. NOTE: It is advised to use Recycled Timber products.

Buy things that can be recycled – and recyclable

To think about where your stuff will go when you’re done with them is always wise. Over HAI founders’ kitchen table hangs a Studio Snowpuppe lamp, when it should be discarded can be placed in cardboard recycling. It is wholly made of cardboard. It is never wrong to think beyond their own consumption period.

Buy classic

One problem with our great, beloved furniture stores is to get furniture from command a high resale value because they are so cheap right from the start. It is certainly good for us who are in search of things (I bought after my expired IKEA dining table for a pittance recently), but on the other hand, the risk is that you 1) can not be bothered trying to carry an assembled IKEA furniture when a new and practically packaged like furniture in a flat package does not cost that much more, and 2) you do not succeed in selling your IKEA furniture without the need to throw them in the dump. Therefore, it is never wrong to instead save up for something a little more expensive and more “classic”. A design classic is more expensive, but usually also of better quality and, above all, it has a high resale value. That means it is a safe investment for you – and that you usually can find antique or at least second provide copies of it.

Buy eco-labeled

Now we are finally down to the most obvious point. For it is clear that it is amazingly good for buying things of eco materials. Just think of the mix of materials in a product, as a bed for example. May the ecolabel only be valid fabric around? Remember also shipping and other aspects, so that you are not fooling yourself. (Few products have been all right, but it’s always good to weigh the pros and cons when making a purchase.)

What say you, did I forget something?

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