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corporate STATEMENT

Passion For Maps (“PFM”) exclusively licenses one of the finest rare, antique world map and atlas collections outside of museum and university archives. Using state-of-the-art photographic and digital technologies, PFM is creating a digital library of images from the collection. The images are strongly aligned with the highest corporate values: innovation, durability and global citizenship.

PFM’s image library is available for corporate access. Beautifully framed professional quality reproductions can set an appropriate tone for offices and conference rooms. Annual reports and marketing documents can be enhanced with these images as background. Additionally, client and staff gifts can be designed utilizing entire images or by selecting particular portions of one or more maps.

PFM encourages corporate purchasing managers to contact us by e-mail at corporate@passionformaps.com or call 609-688-1793 about requests for standard or customized interest.

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