3 Ultimate steps for Instant lawn installation

How to install Instant turf?

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Instant turf is a good idea if you want to quickly get a lovely green garden. How do you go to prepare, deploy and operate the lawn.

A green and well-kept lawn to spend summer days are not entirely wrong. That as a lawn is of course a way, but for those who are a little impatient, we have another proposal – complete lawn.

– Completed lawn is completely sovereign. You get a lawn that is dense, weed-free and usable for only a month, says Olle Berg, author of “The Lawn – How to succeed”.

What does complete lawn on a roll?

If you sow a lawn takes 3-4 months before it begins to take shape, and nearly two years before it is as dense and durable as a complete lawn. The downside is that a finished lawn will cost more – between ten and twenty times more expensive than that as a lawn.

– It is difficult to say the cost of a complete lawn because it varies greatly depending on size and where you live, says Olle Berg.

If you plan to add a complete lawn is the quality of the grass is very important.

– You usually say that you get what you pay for, and it is finished with lawns too. Buy lawn of some of the better known companies so you know the quality is high, says Olle Berg.


Step 1: Preparatory work before you put the lawn

The preparatory work is done in the same way as if you were so lawn. It is important for the lawn to be able to get good contact with the soil so that the roots and the grass can grow.

The area where your lawn to be added must be drained and rough plan, that is, roots, rocks and other things that are in the way of a nice surface to be removed. The area to be machined with a shovel or garden tiller to a depth of about 30 CM.

Light sandy soils improves to 3-6 cm peat and loam is replaced with a 20-30 cm thick layer of turf soil. If the earth is not already finished fertilising the next step due to fertilise area with about five kilograms per square meter. Milling down manure about 10 cm using a cultivator.

The surface should then be packed using a grid roller. The surface should feel solid everywhere. You should not sink down more than up to 5 mm with the shoes when you go to the pre-planned surface.

Make sure that all the preparatory work is completed in time for the delivery of the rollers. Since the grass is perishable, it is important to put the finished lawn immediately.

Tip: If you do not have a grid roller, use a pallet that you drag around and flatten the ground.

 Instant Turf

Step 2: Roll out the finished lawn

Best time to add a lawn is spring or early autumn. The lawn is supplied as coiled lengths as you roll out of the area. Remember to roll out the grass so that the grain is the same all over the lawn.

Add the first grass length at a straight edge and then continue placing lengths in the same pattern as a brick wall, so that the joints at the ends of the lengths do not meet. However should the joints on the long sides be close together. Squeeze the joints on the long sides carefully.

When the lawn is in place, the grating roller so that it is pressed firmly to the roots and easier contact with the earth.

Tip 1: To avoid having footprints in the freshly laid lawn, you can add a plank on it while you’re working on with the next length.

Tip 2: If you are going to roll out the grass on a slope, fastening the corners with pegs or the like so that the lawn does not slip away.

Instant lawn

Step 3: After Work – to water and mow the new lawn

Watering properly immediately when the lawn is in place so that it and the earth beneath is really by watering. Continue with abundant irrigation in the next 2-3 weeks. It is important that the grass does not dry out. To check, gently lift at a corner and confirm that the earth under also become by watering.

Cut the grass for the first time when the grass has grown to about 6-8 cm, and cut one third of the length. Use bagging or raking off-cuts.

When it passed 3-4 weeks after installation, you should fertilise the lawn and then water thoroughly again.

Two weeks after the plant tolerates lawn light use, but wait another couple of weeks to play, play football or run around on it.

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