Information Management in Governing administration Agencies in Sierra Leone


Documents Management is the systematic regulate of all documents from their generation or receipt, through their processing, distribution, business, storage and retrieval to their top disposition. Since data is these an vital resource to business, the records administration perform also contains data management. Consequently, data management is also known as Information and Facts Administration or RIM (Magnus, 2006).

Information management may possibly also be made use of to define as the way official records (correspondence information, information) are arranged in these kinds of a way that they have a which means, and can be utilized continually by the consumers this kind of as supervisors, records experts, academic institutions,

Great importance of Information Management in Authorities Organizations

Establishing a documents management programme, in govt companies for case in point, the Meteorological Division could consequence in both equally quick and extensive-term relevance to the division. Beneath are stated some of the significance of documents administration in the governing administration businesses, civil services, firms and companies as a entire:

• Data management cuts down shed or misplaced data. Because the human element is constantly with us, even the best program in the globe will at times have misplaced documents. But properly intended document administration units can slowly minimize misfiles. Most normally misfiled data can value the clerical staff a enormous wastage of time in hunting for records

• Information management act as evidence in the time of dispute. It is critical for the settlement of dispute because it can be demonstrated as evidence in courtroom

• It will help in assessing development of group.
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It can help in the preservation of heritage of the organization. The earlier documents shows route to group. It will help in locating out the weaknesses and energy of firm. Records administration offers the account of development and path in which organization is offering on

• Data administration is the memory of business. It is valuable for future conclusion earning procedure. The review of previous documents reveals direction for long term. It provides information and facts to business any time it is desired hence, it helps in using decision

• Data management aids to assess business enterprise progress and effectiveness. It assists in comparison in between one particular time period of time and a further or amongst someday of enterprises

• Data management can help in management and control of significant records. It assists to shield necessary documents with care and disposes ineffective data
• To limit litigation dangers. Corporation carry out documents administration programmes in get to minimize the risks connected with litigation and likely penalties. This can be equally correct in govt organizations. A regularity applied documents management programme can cut down the liabilities involved with doc disposal by providing for their systematic, regimen disposal in a typical training course of business enterprise