Nigerian Recipe for Traditional Egusi Soups

Basic piece foods in the Nigerian diet include: peanuts or ground-nuts, yams, cassava, fish, rice, okra, bananas, guinea corn and millet, and palm nuts.

They are usually starchy and Nigerians love to cook with a lot of pepper and spices especially those through the southwest and southeast. This formula uses all local ingredients to produce a tasty and nourishing meal.

Ground Egusi seeds give this soups an unique color and flavor. If you fail to find Egusi seeds in your shop, you can substitute pumpkin seeds or even Pepitas which you can find in Latin American grocery stores. This soup can be thickened with flour ground from seeds of gourds, melons, pumpkins, plus squashes, many of which are native in order to Africa.

Egusi Soup

200 gary the gadget guy Water Leaves

50 g Egusi seeds

1 teaspoon Dry Ground Red Pepper

1 medium Onion

100ml Palm Oil

10g Dry Floor Crayfish

120g Fresh Tomatoes

100ml Water

Salt & Pepper to taste

Wash the water leaves well in clean, fresh water.
Liquidise or pulverise the onions, tomatoes plus egusi seeds until smooth.
Include the dry ground pepper plus fry in palm oil for a few minutes.
Add the water, put the lid upon and cook for five minutes.
Right now add the water leaves, replace lid and cook for a further a few minutes.
Finally, add the crayfish plus seasoning, warming through well.

Provide with pounded yam or cooked rice and a meat stew, to offer protein. Here is more information about more info visit our own internet site.

Alternatively, serve with eba, fufu or any suitable carbohydrate.

Many thanks to the people of Nigeria that made us welcome and instilled in us a love of traditional Nigerian food.